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Being a preferred local company with more than 30 years of experience means that we have an intricate understanding of all irrigation system models. There is no project too small or big for us, we have you covered. From simple sprinkler tune-ups to major system overhauls. Our technicians service both residential and commercial properties.

Our staff is not only professional but also friendly, polite, and ecstatic to answer any questions you may have about an irrigation system. Call us now to experience our incomparable customer service. Due to our convenient location within Sacramento, you can expect a rapid response and affordable prices.

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It may be challenging for common users to repair a faulty system due to the various intricate components that are hidden underground. Usually, it is preferable to get assistance from a licensed irrigation technician.

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Most inexperienced individuals, that lack the proper knowledge or training, end up making common mistakes that deteriorate the overall functionality of an irrigation system. We operate a team of licensed technicians with the necessary years of experience to guarantee quality irrigation solutions.

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Whether you have spray sprinklers or drip lines, we can repair any irrigation system to preserve the health of your landscape.

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Controller – The brain of the irrigation system is the controller, which automates the scheduling of watering cycles for the Sacramento area. With an array of programmable options, such as specific watering times, duration, and frequency, the controller ensures that the landscape receives the necessary hydration. Modern controllers may even integrate smart technologies, allowing for remote access and weather-based adjustments.

Valves – They play a pivotal role in regulating the flow of water within the system. Often located in valve boxes, these components control the opening of water pathways, enabling the flow to various zones of the landscape. Solenoid valves, in particular, are a popular choice for automated irrigation systems, responding to electrical signals from the controller to facilitate precise water management.

Pipes – Acting as the circulatory system for the irrigation network, pipes transport water from the main supply to the designated watering zones. Constructed from various materials, such as PVC, polyethylene, or even copper, these conduits are crucial in delivering water throughout the landscape. In Sacramento, the configuration of the pipes should be carefully chosen to ensure optimal water pressure.

Sprinkler heads – Designed to disperse water evenly across the target area. Available in a myriad of designs, these components cater to diverse landscape requirements, from wide-open lawns to intricate flowerbeds. Pop-up sprinklers, gear-driven rotors, and impact sprinklers are just a few examples of the multitude of options that enable customized water distribution.

Drip emitters – For more targeted watering, drip emitters provide a controlled method to deliver water directly to the root zones of plants. This low-volume irrigation technique minimizes runoff, conserving water while nurturing plant health. Drip emitters, often installed along flexible tubing, release water at a slow pace, allowing for precise hydration tailored to the specific needs of each plant species.

Yes, irrigation systems in Sacramento require periodic maintenance to perform seamlessly. Units that constantly operate without any form of upkeep will eventually experience unfortunate disrepairs. Furthermore, recent studies indicate that due to poor maintenance, the average irrigation device uses two to three times more water. Hence, a unit in adequate condition can save up to 50% on water bills. To get the most out of your sprinkler system, be sure to implement the following tips:

  • Unclog sputtering sprinkler heads by cleaning the nozzles and screen filters.
  • Flush the system to remove all debris within the threaded risers and PVC pipes.
  • Regularly check for external leaking components or excessive water bills.
  • Inspect the landscape topography and search for patchy or wet lawn spots.
  • Protect the equipment from cold temperatures with sprinkler winterization.
  • Always reactivate the system by slowly opening the control valves.
  • Schedule annual system audits, sprinkler tune-ups, and backflow tests.

It can be difficult to detect when a unit fails to properly irrigate the vegetation of a landscape. Nonetheless, some signs could indicate that a sprinkler system needs to be repaired. If any of the following problems emerge, get professional assistance from an irrigation company.

Patchy lawn – Water is not being applied uniformly throughout the landscape due to defective sprinkler heads or weak water pressure.

Wet spots – Clear evidence that an underground pipe broke and water is escaping from the system.

Flooded valve box – Unexpected cold temperatures in Sacramento can crack the control valves and cause leaks.

Unresponsive controllers – Software misconfiguration or an absence of electricity can render the control panel inoperable. This will affect the entire functionality of the equipment.

Typically, a properly installed sprinkler system can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. However, this range is subject to certain factors that contribute to its longevity, such as the quality of materials, workmanship, water quality, and regular maintenance.

High-quality components are integral to extending the lifespan of a sprinkler installation in Sacramento. Opting for premium materials can help minimize the risks of wear. Moreover, professional installation ensures that the system is set up correctly, reducing the potential for premature failure.

Water quality, often an overlooked aspect, plays a critical role in the longevity of a sprinkler system. Hard water, rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, can lead to clogs that affect the system’s efficiency. Thus, assessing water quality concerns is essential for maximizing the system’s life expectancy.

Lastly, regular maintenance is key to preserving the durability of a sprinkler system in Sacramento. Periodic inspections, cleaning, and necessary repairs will ensure that the system continues to operate efficiently, safeguarding your investment in the long run.

Yes, you can upgrade or replace an existing irrigation system. Upgrading the equipment may seem like a daunting endeavor, but it is worth the investment.

Unless you have a flexible budget for the cost of artificial turf, modern irrigation devices are necessary to minimize water consumption across the Sacramento area. Especially in this day and age, when there is a noteworthy increased demand for common natural resources, such as water. That is why technological advancements in the irrigation industry constantly improve the performance of sprinkler systems.

An outdated unit may be draining valuable resources. Installing modern components will improve watering cycles, lower utility bills, and automate manual labor. Some of the features that can be introduced are:

  • Smart Wi-Fi controllers
  • Rain, freeze, or wind sensors
  • Micro-spray or bubbler nozzles

At the most basic level, minor repairs, such as fixing a broken sprinkler head or replacing a malfunctioning valve, can range from $150 to $300. Such tasks typically entail straightforward solutions that require minimal labor.

As you delve into more complex repairs, costs tend to escalate in Sacramento. Addressing a leak found below an installed concrete surface, for instance, can set you back anywhere from $300 to $600. These tasks necessitate more advanced skills, additional time, and potentially costlier components.

In scenarios where extensive damage is present or the entire system requires an overhaul, repair costs can surge upwards of $1,000. Large-scale projects demand a more comprehensive approach, encompassing significant labor hours, technical expertise, and an array of replacement parts.