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Sacramento Sprinkler Repair is a specialized business division of irrigation technicians operated by Excel Landscape. We are your expert and reliable source for sprinkler system installation, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance.

Are you among the numerous property owners in Sacramento, CA, who have installed a sprinkler system? If so, that system is designed to deliver the key ingredient responsible for sustaining the beauty of your landscape: water.

Although sprinkler systems are relatively low-maintenance, they require periodic servicing to function properly. As the irrigation system continues to operate, disrepairs are inevitable in most cases. For instance, solids or other objects can clog the nozzles and cause altered spray patterns or pressure changes.

Sometimes, it may be difficult for a common user to service or repair a faulty sprinkler system. In which case, it is better to get help from a professional irrigation technician.

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How can you tell if an irrigation system is faulty and in need of repairs? Well, watch out for the following obvious signs:

  • Heads are not spraying correctly: Indicates that the sprinkler nozzles are clogged by dirt or debris.
  • Leakage around the valve: Could be the result of cracked valves due to pressure issues or wear and tear.
  • Dry spots or patchy lawn growth: Clear sign that water is not being applied evenly. It may be that the sprinkler heads are positioned incorrectly or the water pressure is insufficient.
  • Wet spots or low pressure: Water might be escaping from the irrigation system due to a broken line.
  • Electrical problems: Potentially caused by anything, from a faulty transformer or fuse to low voltage in a specific zone.


Whether you have spray sprinklers or drip irrigation lines, enlisting a professional to repair a watering system can effectively increase its performance and longevity. Our repair process usually involves:

  • Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive audit of the sprinkler system to establish an efficiency score and identify areas of concern.
  • Estimate: We will explain the recommended adjustments that should be prioritized and provide an estimate according to your budget.
  • Repair: Once you agree with our proposal, we will implement our recommendations and repair the irrigation system.
  • Optional Maintenance: Once the repairs are complete, our technicians can continue to service your system in the subsequent months to ensure optimal performance.
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Did you know that a sprinkler system in adequate conditions can save up to 50% on water bills? A recent study indicated that due to poor maintenance or outdated components the average irrigation system in residential properties uses two to three times more water. Therefore, to get the most out of your sprinkler system be sure to implement the following tips:

  • Inspect the landscape topography and look for suspicious dry, wet, or patchy lawn spots.
  • Clear obstructed or blocked sprinkler heads.
  • Regularly check for leakages, misdirected heads, or broken lines.
  • Replace nozzles, valves, and sensors when needed.
  • Make sure the system is always pressurized by opening the valves and allowing trapped air to escape.
  • Winterize the system before each frost season to prevent components from cracking due to the cold.
  • Schedule bi-annual tune-ups and annual summer check-ups with a professional sprinkler service technician.


Efficient irrigation systems are necessary to minimize water consumption all around the USA. Especially in this day and age, when there is a noteworthy increased demand for common natural resource, such as water. That is why technological advancements in the irrigation industry constantly improve the performance of sprinkler systems.

Upgrading your system may seem a daunting, expensive endeavor, but it is worth the time and money. An outdated system may be draining valuable resources. Installing modern components will guarantee efficient water usage and lower utility bills. Some of the features that we can introduce to upgrade any type of irrigation system are:

  • Efficient nozzles, valves, and pumps
  • Rain, freeze, or wind sensors
  • Remote operation software
  • Wi-Fi controllers that automatically determine irrigation patterns based on local weather conditions


Being a preferred irrigation company with years of experience means that we have an intricate understanding of all types of sprinkler systems. There is no job too small or big for us, we have you covered. From simple sprinkler tune-ups to major overhauls. We provide services to both residential and commercial properties in the Sacramento area.

Our technicians are not only professional but also friendly, polite, and ecstatic to answer any questions you may have about a sprinkler system. Call us now to experience our incomparable customer service. Due to our convenient location, you can also expect a rapid response.