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Frequently Asked Questions

Patchy lawn – A well-functioning irrigation system in Citrus Heights keeps your lawn uniformly green. If you start noticing brown, dry spots amidst the greenery, it’s a telltale sign that your sprinklers might not be covering the area effectively. This patchiness often points to broken sprinkler heads that need attention.

High water bills – An unexpected spike in your water bill can indicate a leak in your system. It’s not always visible on the surface, but beneath, a small leak can waste gallons of water in Citrus Heights, hitting your pocket hard. Regularly comparing your bills can help catch these hidden issues early.

Sputtering heads – Sprinklers should emit a steady, even flow of water. If you see them sputtering or spraying erratically, it’s often due to debris in the lines. In Citrus Heights, CA, these disruptions not only affect watering efficiency but can also lead to more significant system damage if not addressed promptly.

Assessment – The first step in repairing your sprinkler system is a thorough assessment. A professional in Citrus Heights, CA, will examine every part, from sprinkler heads to underground piping. This detailed inspection helps identify all issues, whether they’re apparent, like a broken head, or hidden, like a subtle leak.

Estimate – After the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed estimate. This document outlines the problems found, the necessary repairs, and their associated costs. It gives you a clear understanding of what needs fixing and how much it will set you back, ensuring no surprises later.

Repair – With your approval, the repair work begins. Professionals in Citrus Heights use specialized tools to fix issues efficiently. They aim to restore your system to its optimal condition, ensuring it waters your lawn evenly, just like when it was new.

Winterization – Preparing your irrigation system for winter is crucial to prevent freezing. In Citrus Heights, this process involves draining all the water from the pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads. It’s a protective step that can save you from costly repairs due to winter damage.

Spring start-up – As the ground thaws and plants start to bloom in Citrus Heights, your sprinkler system needs a wake-up call. Spring start-up includes reactivating the system, checking for any winter damage, and making necessary adjustments to the sprinklers. This ensures your lawn gets the right amount of water it needs for the growing season.

Backflow testing – An often-overlooked but essential maintenance task is backflow testing. This procedure checks that your system’s backflow prevention device is functioning correctly, ensuring that your household water supply remains uncontaminated. It’s not just about maintaining your sprinkler system in Citrus Heights; it’s also about safeguarding your home’s water quality.

Drip irrigation – In Citrus Heights, upgrading to a drip irrigation system can be a game-changer for your garden. This system delivers water directly to the base of your plants, minimizing water waste. It’s perfect for targeted watering, especially in flower beds or vegetable gardens, ensuring each plant gets just the right amount of moisture.

Rain sensors – Installing a rain sensor adds a smart touch to your irrigation system. This device automatically shuts off your sprinklers when it detects rain in Citrus Heights, preventing overwatering. It’s not only good for the environment but also helps you cut down on water bills. Plus, your lawn gets exactly what it needs.

Smart controller – Embrace technology with a smart controller. This device allows you to control your sprinkler system remotely using a smartphone app. It offers scheduling flexibility and even adjusts watering based on the weather conditions of Citrus Heights, CA. A smart controller makes managing your irrigation system convenient.