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Through a sophisticated network of tubes and emitters, modern drip systems are able to irrigate vegetation with controlled amounts of water and liquid fertilizer. If you have container plants, garden beds, or vegetables, then this watering technique is the best solution for your landscape in Sacramento.

An efficient drip system will optimize the growth results of your greenery and significantly reduce water consumption. The equipment is also fairly easy to maintain due to its simple design. That is why countless of property owners in Sacramento have switched from spray sprinklers to drip irrigation.

However, installing one of these units can turn into a complicated task. Without the proper knowledge, it can be difficult to setup components such as the valve manifold or control valves. Most DIY amateurs end up making common assembly mistakes that affect the functionality and lifespan of the system.

Drip irrigation has a plethora of advantages for a multitude of reasons. Whether it is a first-time installation or you are seeking to convert traditional spray sprinklers, here are the advantages of owning a drip system:

Easy configuration – There is no need to create a gravel filled trench to install the system because the supply lines are placed under mulch or above ground. The unit can also be modified according to the changing needs of the landscape irrigation.

Eco friendly – Due to minimal water runoff and evaporation, the equipment utilizes 30% to 50% less resources than other irrigation devices in Sacramento. Even with micro-spray or bubbler nozzles, a typical sprinkler system will always consume more water.

Precise irrigation – The drip emitters are strategically positioned to only irrigate the roots of certain vegetation within the landscape. This provides ideal growth conditions and eradicates fungal diseases.

01. Assessment – Our technicians in Sacramento will inspect the landscape to determine your specific needs. After the visual assessment, they will suggest either a prefabricated or custom-built drip system.

02. Estimate – We will provide a comprehensive estimate according to the type of irrigation system your property requires. Once the budget is approved, the technicians will specify a delivery date for the project.

03. Installation – Our staff will begin assembling the drip system as soon as possible. After the installation is complete, we will test the equipment to verify that every component is operating properly.

04. Maintenance – A licensed professional in Sacramento can provide follow-up maintenance to preserve the integrity of your unit. General upkeep tasks might include annual inspections, backflow testing, system winterizations, spring reactivations, and occasional repairs.

As with any mechanical equipment, irrigation systems require constant maintenance to function seamlessly. Otherwise, essential components will inevitably experience disrepairs at some point. To guarantee the adequate operation of your unit in Sacramento, consider implementing the following tips.

Clean emitters – Wash the drip emitters and screen filters to eliminate the unwanted substances that cause blockages.

Flush system – Increase the water pressure and activate the unit for 10 minutes to remove all debris found within the distribution lines.

Repair leaks – Seal punctured tubes with goof plugs to stop the water from leaking out of the system.

Winterize – Before the first frost, prepare the equipment with our irrigation winterization service.

System malfunctions are usually prevented with a consistent routine of maintenance. Although, problems can still emerge due to wear and tear, regardless of how carefully a unit has been preserved. In Sacramento, some common disrepairs include unresponsive drip emitters, obstructed distribution lines, faulty irrigation valves, a damaged backflow preventer, etc.

Furthermore, repairing a drip system can often times be an extremely challenging project. If you are unaware of the different components that an irrigation device has, then request assistance from our licensed technicians. A professional can quickly diagnose the equipment and determine which parts need to be fixed or replaced. Call us to handle your Sacramento irrigation repair.

Once the drip irrigation system has been restored, we will inform you about the possible causes of the breakdown and how to prevent similar disrepairs in the future. Our technicians might also recommend upgrades to increase the overall performance of the unit with modern features.