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We are proud to offer comprehensive irrigation services designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial properties across the Sacramento region. Our staff is ecstatic to answer any questions you may have about an irrigation system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each year, leading manufacturers introduce to the irrigation market more efficient, eco-friendly, and advanced watering systems. Their objective is to deliver an improved product that adapts to the changing necessities of residential and commercial property owners in Sacramento.

A unit optimized with modern technology can save substantial resources by controlling irrigation patterns and watering cycles. Whereas, outdated spray sprinklers that are not configured with up-to-date features can waste more than 30,000 gallons of water annually.

If you want to help the environment, reduce utility bills, and automate manual labor, then consider upgrading to a sprinkler system. However, this is not a simple task for inexperienced individuals with a DIY attitude. We highly recommend that you seek professional assistance.

A reroute is necessary to expand the reach of an irrigation system or move underground components in Sacramento. To do so, the technicians will excavate the yard and add more irrigation zones or modify existing ones. Rerouting the supply lines and sprinkler heads maximizes the watering efficiency of a unit by channeling resources to the appropriate landscape sections. The most common reasons for a reroute include:

Landscape redesign – New lawn areas also need to be irrigated. Without an adequate volume of water, the vegetation will quickly dry up and die.

Yard additions – The reach of the sprinkler heads needs to be constricted if you are adding a sidewalk, driveway, patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen.

Pool installation – Before installing a swimming pool in Sacramento, the technicians need to change the path of the distribution PVC pipes and other vital elements that are hidden underground.

If a system is more than 10 years old, chances are great that its components are outdated and do not include the latest irrigation technology. However, you might be reluctant to replace the whole unit when it seems to be performing a fairly good service. In that case, consider upgrading only a few essential parts to improve the overall functionality of the equipment.

Efficient nozzles – Compared to typical models, micro-spray and bubbler nozzles utilize less water to irrigate the greenery of landscapes in Sacramento.

Smart controller – Switch that antiquated timer for a control panel with Wi-Fi, capable of adjusting watering cycles according to climate forecasts.

Weather sensors – In Sacramento, these modern sensors can deactivate the system during windy, rainy, or freezing weather conditions to prevent overwatering and equipment disrepair.

Even well-maintained irrigation units need to be replaced. Over the course of time, the equipment will gradually deteriorate due to wear and tear. As such, contemporary units only have a useful life that lasts between 20 to 30 years in Sacramento. The device might still operate beyond that lifecycle, but it will not provide a cost-effective water usage.

While the longevity of the system is the best indicator to determine when it is time for an upgrade, constant malfunctions also signal the necessity to replace an outdated irrigation unit. These breakdowns include potable water contamination, pressure imbalances, underground leaks, unresponsive control valves, and inconsistent watering patterns.

If your irrigation device constantly fails to operate accordingly due to its age or a lack of maintenance, then call us. We are the highest-rated company doing irrigation installation in the area. Our licensed technicians in Sacramento can quickly assess your equipment and determine if the faulty elements need to be repaired or replaced.