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Frequently Asked Questions

While professionally installed irrigation units are meant to withstand elemental wear, their life expectancy averages between 10 to 15 years in Sacramento. Once the system exceeds the manufacturer’s lifecycle, internal parts will start collapsing. A maintenance schedule can help minimize the effects of natural deterioration.

We recommend you seek guidance from a professional to conduct routine inspections and upkeep, even if you are an active DIY property owner. A trained individual will ensure that the emerging malfunctions are resolved without any delay. This investment will save you from using our sprinkler repair in Sacramento.

If needed, our licensed technicians can configure the settings of your irrigation system according to the seasonal weather fluctuations. Annual maintenance tasks, such as winterization, are crucial to safeguard the integrity of your equipment and landscape.

Faulty sprinklers – The filters that are located inside the sprinkler heads can accumulate debris and clog the irrigation nozzles. In Sacramento, these obstructions cause inconsistent watering patterns that affect the turf area.

Irregular pressure – Weak water pressure delivered from the backflow preventer to the sprinkler heads could decrease the reach of predefined irrigation routes. Meanwhile, excessive water pressure can deteriorate or even burst vital mechanical parts like the control valves.

System leaks – Some clear indicators of a leaking component are moss or algae growing atop surfaces that are typically dry, such as a sidewalk. If a unit experiences constant leaks, then it might be time to consider a rebuild or an upgrade.

Contamination – A damaged backflow preventer will not channel the water in one continuous direction. Hence, the contaminated fluids within the system could be siphoned into the potable water supply.

System audit – By conducting a comprehensive system audit, our Sacramento based company will identify points of concern that need to be addressed with maintenance, repairs, or an upgrade. The findings of the analysis will be compiled to develop an optimization schedule for the irrigation equipment.

Sprinkler tune-up – The technicians will perform a sprinkler tune-up during the fall season to improve the operation of essential components. This includes fixing defective nozzles, clogged filters, jammed risers, unresponsive control valves, inconsistent water pressure issues, external or underground system leaks, control panel misconfigurations, etc.

Backflow testing – Each year in Sacramento, a licensed professional must conduct an intricate test to verify the purity of the potable water supply and the proper functionality of the backflow prevention device. In most States, this is a mandatory test that should not be overlooked by property owners due to the hefty fines.

Cold temperatures in Sacramento are a major threat to all automatic irrigation devices. During the winter, excess water left inside the equipment can freeze and crack the backflow prevention device, supply lines, exposed control valves, and even sprinkler heads. To repair this type of damage, the technicians need to excavate large portions of the yard to reach the shattered components. Thus, we recommend a sprinkler winterization with the “blow out” method before the first week of December to drain and turn off the irrigation system.

Once the cold winter months are over, it is safe to restart the irrigation unit during the spring season in Sacramento. The first step is to slowly open the shut off valves and gradually fill the system with water. Then, activate the irrigation zones one at a time to verify if any of the sprinkler heads needs to be adjusted or replaced. Lastly, configure the dates and times of the control panel to establish the watering cycles for the landscape.

Call us if your irrigation system is experiencing malfunctions due to a lack of maintenance.