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Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to adequately service the irrigation system throughout the year. To safeguard the equipment, winterization is a critical maintenance task that needs to be performed before the winter months arrive. This is an arduous process which involves having a deep understanding of irrigation devices.

If the winterization is ignored, the remaining water left inside the unit can cause huge damage to essential components. This can result in complex and costly repairs once you decide to reactivate the equipment after the cold season.

Our licensed technicians in Sacramento are accustomed to all sorts of irrigation systems and can do a sublime job at preparing your equipment for the frost ahead. Our professional services are a great investment if you want to avoid a dreadful situation with your spray sprinklers or drip irrigation unit.

You should winterize the irrigation system before frost sets in. If the device has components above ground, it is necessary to winterize the equipment before the cold season arrives in Sacramento. A strong frost will certainly damage the backflow prevention device, pipes, and sprinkler heads.

Those with traditional underground systems have more flexibility when it comes to cold weather. Although, they should still winterize the irrigation device one week before the first frost to avoid significant winter damage. If an equipment is winterized after the cold climate arrives, there is no guarantee that its components will remain intact.

In Sacramento the first frost usually occurs between December 4 and January 31. Thus, it is important to winterize the equipment between the end of October and mid-November. The frost season typically ends during the second week of February, that is when you can begin the spring reactivation of the system.

There are 3 main techniques to drain an irrigation unit in Sacramento.

There is the manual way, which involves shutting off the main supply before draining all the water from the pipes. At the end, the boiler drain valve is used to remove the water within the backflow preventer. However, this method can easily leave some water in the system, especially when done by an amateur.

The automatic method is a bit more reliable. It involves using automatic drain valves to remove the water from individual irrigation zones before making use of the boiler valve. Like the manual draining method, there is a chance that water remains inside the pipes or backflow prevention device.

The most effective method is known as the “blow out”, which makes use of compressed air to remove all the water from the irrigation system. Yet, there are safety precautions involved with this particular technique. Only a trained professional in Sacramento should handle the required machinery to winterize the equipment.

In Sacramento, most of the piping utilized by irrigation devices is PVC. If water is not properly drained during the winterization, it will expand once it freezes and crack the pipes. Even alternative piping materials such as polyethylene can be ruptured due to an excess of water. In the worst-case scenario, it is possible for the freezing water to damage the entire unit.

The backflow preventer can also be damaged if water is left inside the system. Remember, this is the device that separates the water used by the irrigation device from the potable water supply of the property. Therefore, protecting the backflow preventer is extremely important to avoid contaminating the drinkable water of Sacramento. This type of contamination can lead to serious health issues.

If your irrigation equipment suffered winter damage, contact us to learn about our accessible sprinkler system repair service. Our technicians have repaired thousands of units affected by cold weather.

After the frost season has passed, it is time to restart the irrigation system. In Sacramento, you can begin the reactivation between March and April. Nevertheless, the spring start-up process can be as complicated as the winterization and should ideally be performed only by a professional.

The spring sprinkler activation usually involves opening the main water supply, testing irrigation cycles, inspecting essential mechanical components, optimizing faulty sprinkler heads, adjusting the water pressure, configuring the control panel, activating the weather sensors, etc.

Proper upkeep will ensure the longevity and efficient functionality of an irrigation system in Sacramento. Through vast experience and technical knowledge, our licensed technicians can guarantee that your unit is serviced with an adequate maintenance schedule.